Our roots are a revolutionary school in Poland, and our proof is the next generation of children who today, as young adults, are co-workers of Wayair Foundation. Politicians, poets, architects, researchers, actors, travelers, and IT specialists. They are conscious Europeans looking for new solutions for a better world.

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At Wayair Foundation, we deal with education in various areas:

  • we are building or expanding schools for children and youth
  • we implement the original teaching method by the theater
  • we prepare teachers to work with children through the method of education through art
  • we educate young people and adults on the basics of doing business

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We built a school. We built a theatre. We carried out hundreds of projects.
Now we share our knowledge. In a refugee camp in Ulyankulu we are implementing an English learning method through theatrical exercises, teacher training and by working with the children. Using local materials and contemporary technological knowledge, and in cooperation with the local community, we are planning to construct a building that will fit in with the local environment.  It is going to be a space for school education, social meetings and theatrical activities.

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Our plans for the future include being prepared for the needs of the world and implementing the project in cooperation with local societies in the areas still connected mostly with education, but maybe with using new media, programming, photography or movie making tools? who knows what the world has in store for us?


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Drawing on more than 25 years of experience in education and communication we seek to inspire children and their teachers to develop creativity, practice openness, and foster well-being.

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