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We are all migrants. Not just us – people - migrate but also our notions, thoughts, feelings, even subjects. Many years ago, our school emigrated from Netherlands to Poland. Grateful to the Dutch for thier openness and their ability to share, we were waiting for school and dreaming about a new approach for education. Therefore, one may say that from the very beginning the Łejery school has been implementing international cooperation. In our famous Dutch School (Holenderka) we have implemented and we are still developing our innovative method of teaching through theater. During our visits in many European countries, we have been sharing the effects of our work. There has been no end to the performances and our open approach to difficult issues has been appreciated by other Europeans (the play ‘You have the right to your rights’ is performed by the next generation of children).

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From the very beginning we dreamed of a genuine theatre scene. We implemented the plan after 20 years. Utterly exhausted but deeply satisfied,
we had created a theatrical space which unexpectedly opened up not only to children but also to their parents.
Henceforth, nothing was the same. The community stage has started to live its own life and today various events, that couldn’t have been predicted earlier, take place there.


And the time has come to share. After years of educational experiences, Ela decided to teach abroad and moved to Madagascar, Jurek moved to Ukraine and Aneta to Tanzania.  In Tanzania, we published a post on Facebook directed to our African colleagues: “We have experienced teachers who can implement teaching methods through theatrical plays, we have developed teaching methods that have proved their value during the last 25 years in Poland, we want to work with children and teachers.” The amount of responses to our posts exceeded our wildest dreams and expectations. We received queries from dozens of places. It became clear to us that Jurek and Ela’s inventive method should be released into the world.


After a few meetings we realised that there would be no end to the list of needs. We were asked about school headmasters, trainers for teachers, implementation of new technologies into teaching methods, details about the influence of our method on teaching quality, our knowledge about innovations in school construction and about developing entrepreneurship in children.
The effect of our work is the first project prepared by Ewa Drygas: adapting the innovative programme to the local needs and creating a method of teaching English through theatre and visual arts. Including a special workshop created for teachers.  We have decided to create a Team of Specialists, who have agreed to cooperate in various areas, in different ways. Some of them can travel or stay for a long time abroad, whilst others are able to give advice on Skype, hold workshops or build schools and lead the training on the job.
And it’s not like we now have answers to every question. We know that our methods, tools, efforts can vary in different environments and contexts. But that’s what they are. They are universal, real, and they are a framework, which we want to shape together, including your engagement.