We are developing the idea based on over 40 years of pedagogical experience, combined with our knowledge about high-tech architectural design and implemented in cooperation with local society using locally produced materials.
After almost two years of research, a few meetings with local community and dozen held in Poland, we are taking up a challenge in response to social needs. We want to build a school in Ulyankulu (late refugee camp for refugees running from Burundia to Tanzania).
Using local materials and contemporary technological knowledge, and in cooperation with the local community, we are planning to construct an educational village that will fit in with the local environment and will act as a space of either school education, social meetings or theatrical initiatives.
And those are the most important things for us! Better school – Better Future is a meeting place for people who have influence on its development and one of the first places in the world which transforms refugee camp into the city – a permanent domicile for over 40,000 communities.
Our experts are on the scene. Ela and Kate work everyday with children of different age groups and closely monitoring their progress and needs. Iwo have met with local authorities, architects and producers. There are still a number of issues to be resolved, such as prolonged drought in Ulyankulu, Kaliua and Tabor, reducing access to water. Practically, drought lasts for almost 10 months throughout a year, therefore the roof has to be designed to collect the rainwater and take it to the water tanks. Basically, we are planning to emphasize the importance of collecting water on site. We plan to complete the architectural project by the end of this year and start to raise some funds either for building school or well.

Polish Aid

Project co-financed by Polish Aid